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Wednesday 13th May 2020

Another great week for seeing excellent examples of working from home last week! It looks like staff and students have been finding creative ways to adapt to this remote learning, and whilst it can’t replace you coming to school and being in your lessons, we’re really happy to see you have a good go at the work you’ve been set.

Citizenship Studies

Citizenship Studies students have been exploring how community cohesion is being encouraged during lockdown. A chance to see the theory in practice. 


Year 8 students have been learning about the choreographer Itzik Galili. 

Year 9 students have been applying alignment, posture and extension to motifs they are learning from YouTube and their own choreography.  In theory, they have been learning about the technical skills that can be applied to dance. 

Year 10 have been teaching each other motifs via video and have been identifying the hip hop dance styles used in the professional work Emancipation of Expressionism. 

Year 12 have started learning about the processes needed to choreograph a group dance effectively and about the choreographic style of Akram Khan.

This is Charlotte Davies, Emily Barrett and Grace Taylor in Year 10 using Zoom to teach and learn motifs for the group performance piece for their practical exam.
This is Year 12 work by student Rebecca Tyler.
This is Year 12 work by student Rebecca Tyler.


Year 10 Students have been studying Skill Classification which involves ranking sporting skills on a scale dependent on the impact from the environment and their level of difficulty. There is no direct answer, but pupils need to be able to justify their placement based on situational examples.

Ellie Jarvis

Year 9 students have been learning about the different components that form someone’s overall level of fitness and have been applying them to different activities.

Harry Ducker


Year 7 and 8 students have been given an extension PowerPoint with fun activities to enhance their love and learning in History. Some students have gone above and beyond what is expected and completed some outstanding work.

Jasmine Bull Y8 – We have studied the Tudors in History before Christmas. Jasmine has used her knowledge to create this great poster about each monarch.

Isabelle Whelan Y8 – Has looked at a topic, Medicine, that we don’t study by using BBC Bitesize. Isabelle has looked at a topic which she is interested in, in order to enhance her subject knowledge in History. 

Charlie Fields Y8 – Looked at his own History by creating his family tree!

Emily Curson Y10 – Brilliant drawing of a trench to help visualise the structure to help with the GCSE module Conflict and Tension.

Corey Harry Y7 – Created an outstanding and unique ILP. It is a collection of news bulletins as Edward III reporting on the Black Death. Click here to view.

Religious Studies

Isabelle Oxley in Year 7 has been technologically creative in designing a church using Minecraft for one of the optional extension tasks.

Design & Technology

Year 7, 8, 9 & 10 students have been creating some fantastic work from home. These include baking, lovely meals for the family, graphics mood boards, photography and a whole lot more. Here are some excellent examples of how well the students are getting on.

Computing & IT

Year 7 have been writing programs using the Pen tool in Scratch to create houses out of shapes. Some good work evident from the pupils.

Ava Rawlin
Jacob Barnet

Year 8 have been writing algorithms in Small Basic to create interesting shapes.

Charlie Ducker
Korben Gomersall
Amaya Staley


Some Year 8 students have been working from selected imagery linked to the Jungle theme. Well done and here are some amazing examples.

Jessica Heaps
Matthew Hacking

Some Year 8 students have been working on an illustration project well done for the lovely work you have made.

Nathalie Rosling
Lily Hodgkinson

Year 9 students have been making studies of shoes, some lovely work, well done!

Charlotte Bennett
Oliver Evans
Lucy Rebori
Safia Brooke

Film Studies

Students have been working on creating characters for production work in Year 10.


The mini practical this week for Year 8s were looking at the theory of thermal decomposition. Students had a go at various activities to see the theory in practice. One student made scones instead of bread, a tasty way of experimenting. “ I used bicarbonate soda as the raising agent. It undergoes a thermal decomposition releasing carbon dioxide and made the scones rise.” They look great!

Year 10 chemistry students have been producing crib sheets for their online assessment. A good way of revisiting previous material, making it into something else, as a way of revising content.

Year 10 Physics students have been studying refraction and looking for examples in the real world (mostly involving glasses of water and straws).

Sienna L went on to research Heathlands after her Year 10 Science lesson.

Pastoral and Well-being

Now, more than ever, we are relying on digital means of communication to stay in touch with friends and family. In PSHE sessions, students have been double-checking their safety and privacy settings to help keep online communication safe. Step by step video guides for popular apps can be found here

Year 9 have received a video assembly on Social, Physical and Mental well being during the lockdown.  This has included some lovely pictures and information on what the staff pastoral team have been up to stay healthy with some tips for students.  Year 9 have also been completing puzzles at home and sending in their answers.  Our year group continues to work hard and we have a large number of CFP’s over the last couple of weeks.

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