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Thursday 21st May 2020

Students continue with their home learning efforts and are producing some excellent examples of interesting work. We are really pleased with the efforts of the vast majority of students who are showing a great level of independence, something that will stand them in good stead in the future. Working this way, week in week out, creates challenges, but we are pleased to see the teachers and students rise to these challenges.  More online teaching has begun this week for Year 10 and Year 12 in the first instance, with teachers using digital technology to teach online, with a chance for questions and answers.


As part of their Myths and Legends topic, Year 8 students have created their own Greek creature with some really lovely artwork shared.

Check out our reading newsletter, download your copy here.

It has been a while since we’ve had the opportunity to read new texts and stories in person, but spending more time at home is a great opportunity to read. We can’t go on physical journeys to new places at the moment, but we can still discover new lands, people and tales by reading.

We’d love to see your reading selfies. Please email these to to appear on next week’s newsletter.

There are lots of ways you can get involved in reading whilst you’re at home, take a look at the newsletter for some ideas.


The last week of this half term (w/c 18th May) is competition week in maths. We want to see some creative “maths in lockdown” work. You can present it in any way, the more creative the better.

Your work needs to have been submitted to your maths teacher by Friday 5th June.  

Not sure what to do?

  • Think about how you have used or seen Maths whilst you have been in lockdown?
  • Counting the minutes until the lockdown is over… guess what this is Maths! Time is Maths.
  • Every time they update you on new cases and show you graphs… this is Maths!
  • Been baking? Can you think of where the Maths is in that?

We hope this sparks your imagination… now go be creative!!! Good luck!


In Year 9 Biology, students have been revising some of the fundamental keywords of Biology that will be useful throughout their GCSE. Some students have chosen to do flashcards, with plenty of colours, pictures and innovative diagrams to help with their understanding. Flashcards are a great tool to help commit information to memory. Scientists have discovered something called the ‘testing effect’: if you test yourself on something, you are far more likely to commit that information to long term memory. The key is to keep testing yourself over time if you want something to really stick. Flashcards are great for this.


Year 10 GCSE students have been researching and learning the technique for the different Athletics events, ready to take part in them when we return to school. Hopefully, they’ll get a chance to participate in these activities soon, if conditions allow. 

Megan Beal in Year 9 completed an excellent food plan and gave great reasoning for her choices showing a great understanding of the importance of good nutrition.


Our Year 7 students have been making some lovely studies of swirly lollies. Here are just a few of the wonderful studies below. They have also been creating some amazing aboriginal designs, special mention to Mackenzie Scaife who has done some fantastic work! 

Some of our Year 8 students are continuing with the theme of Jungle, here is some of the work they have been completing:

Some of our Year 8 students have made further work for their illustration project:

Our Year 9’s are making observational studies of objects, the last four weeks have been based around shoes and bottles:

Year 10’s are continuing with their coursework projects here are just a couple of study sheets from Madison Hodgson’s sketchbook:

Well done with this lovely painting of an egg Madison!

Alex Wood’s Cakes and Sweets project.

Year 12’s have been working towards weekly drawing tasks, here are some of the wonderful work they have been making:


Year 8 Music  – Lockdown Anthems

Students are creating their own family playlist by questioning their family members about each person’s taste in Music. They are then listening to the pieces to decide what order to put their chosen tracks in giving reasons for their position on the list. They will go on to design an album cover. This will become a wonderful memory in years to come for them and their family whilst developing a diverse musical appreciation. 

Year 9 and Year 10 – Film Music

Students are listening to and developing an understanding of film music using MAD TSHIRT to help them understand the elements of music and how to describe what they can hear using this terminology.

Year 9 and Year 10 Music – Performance

Students are currently selecting solo pieces to be recorded upon our return to school. They are developing their own personal instrumental skills and developing their performance ability. 

Year 10 Music – Composition

Students are working on their own free brief composition using their own instruments, voices and software technology at home. Megan Craine has had over 1200 views of her composition on social media and is now looking at how she can develop her initial ideas further.


History – VE Day 

Students were given a range of optional activities to take part in, in order to celebrate VE Day last week.


In Geography we have been really impressed with the quality of the work many students have been producing. Alexandra Griffiths in Year 7 produced an amazing animated video of how a meander forms as part of her work on rivers and the landforms they create.

Year 8 have been investigating the role of global governance and investigating the roles of different organisations.

Some students have produced outstanding extension tasks to extend their work on Global Governance by researching the EU to learn more about the role this organisation plays in global decision making

Year 10 have produced some very impressive revision work on the topic of Economic Challenges. Special mentions must go to Morgan North, Sienna Lightfoot, Niamh Priest and Lucy Ellis for their superb revision notes and the excellent knowledge and understanding displayed.

Well done to everyone who has earned a CFP for their outstanding efforts in Geography over the past couple of weeks!


Our Year 12 Politics group and our Year 10 Citizenship students were lucky enough to spend an hour talking to our local MP and Shadow Defence Secretary John Healey last week.  They were able to ask him about the government’s response to Coronavirus and the changing nature of politics at present. 


Year 9 students studying Spanish have been looking at Spanish Gastronomy including watching Masterchef Spain. It was fantastic to see some of the students cooking the recipes that they’d learned. We are very much looking forward to seeing and hearing their role plays ‘at the restaurant’ this week.

Design and Technology

Key Stage 3 students did some lovely baking over the bank holiday weekend to celebrate VE Day, we have also seen some amazing graphics work being produced as well as a brilliant bird table made by William Bracha Year 7.

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