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Tuesday 9th June 2020

Coming back to school work following a holiday can often be hard, but many students have again taken to working from home well. We are looking forward to welcoming them back to school when told we can do so, however, we do know that students will be learning some valuable skills too at this time, notably, resilience when they try different ways of working without constant support; problem-solving as they try to navigate new material in new ways, and of course independence too. If this work is anything to go by, lots of reasons that the students should be proud of their efforts.


Year 7 have been creating visual representations of what makes them happy. Something really good to focus on in the current climate.

Year 8 students have been tasked with creating poetry. A full anthology of the submissions can be found here. Here’s one from Daisy who has created an incredible poem based on her learning about the legend of Icarus:

Year 10 students are working through their GCSE Literature poetry anthology, and many have produced high-quality annotations when learning about their anthology poems:


The Year 10 Core PE girls have been counting their steps keeping track of their movement both in deliberate exercise and as part of their normal day.

Year 8 Girls have been completing Athletics Circuit training.

Alex Beveridge
Scarlett Sadler

Ethan Hampshire Y8 has certainly adapted his paddling pool to assist with his rigorous swim training demands. You can see the cord attached enables this to become an ‘endless’ training pool. Well done!


Year 7 students have been making some lovely studies of sweets using a wide range of materials:

Year 8 students have been researching illustrations:

Year 9 students have been making studies of possessions like shoes, headphones, consoles, make-up.



Year 9 PER (Philosophy, Ethics & Religion) students were asked to produce something creative on the theme of God’s earth. They were asked to consider:

  • Did a god create the earth?
  • The beauty of the earth is celebrated in many religions, but are humans spoiling the earth and are we a danger to it? 
  • Should we be thankful for it and show this more?
  • Can we save it in time from the threats of climate change? 
  • Does it belong to God? To us? To all the animals? 
  • Should we pray for the world? 
  • What do religious scriptures say about, for example, God as creator? 

Here is Emma Davis’ work:

“These are the buns I made. They are showing two of the effects of global warming and a cause. This shows how there are other factors harming the earth (the cow’s methane) but humans still harm the earth and its creatures. For example, the turtle which shows how many sea creatures are dying and getting tangled in plastic is because of humans and not thinking where their rubbish will end up. The polar bear shows how because of humans producing greenhouse gases which stops sunbeams from escaping leading to the earth heating up, the ice caps melt and cause sea level rise and habitat loss for animals. This also means that polar bears can’t hunt or swim to land which leads to them drowning”


Jasmine Bull created her own ‘top trumps’ on facts about different countries around the world.


Marlie Charnock Y7 – When looking at the features of a Knights Coat of Arms in lesson, she has then created her own shield with a Coat of Arms.

Design and Technology


Year 7 and 8 have been researching pasta shapes and which sauces go best with different shapes.

Year 9 have researched British Cuisine and Year 10 have been practising research into the function of ingredients in a cookie ready for their GCSE assessment.


Year 10 have been learning about food allergies and intolerances ready for their controlled assessment towards their exam. 

Fish caught and cooked by Kian Ghent Clark as part of a 3-course meal for his parent’s anniversary. Looks delicious!

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