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Thursday 2nd July 2020

Another epic week of some great examples of home learning from our students. Thanks to the students for the great work, and to the parents for helping them along the way which we know isn’t easy.

However, a huge thanks to our teachers who have worked relentlessly since lockdown. To set work in this way is no easy thing, and I’ve been blown away by the fact that our staff are creating new resources and new and innovative ways of learning from home. I’ve not seen staff just merely refer to external resources, but completely adapt schemes of learning, and resources all from scratch, all the while adapting to new technologies. I’ve seen this at leader level, but also as a parent myself. I’ve heard teacher readings of text to cater for students who struggle to read and comprehend; I’ve seen video lessons and explanations to make things clear; I’ve seen quizzes and kahoots to promote learning of prior material, and finally live lessons too. All along with the fortnightly form tutor calls too to check in, and teachers ready at the end of an e-mail, swift to respond to queries and offer further explanation. Learning has been varied and rich, and whilst it’s never going to replace face to face teaching, I think a good job has been done by students, parents and staff to adapt so quickly at this time. Anyway, here’s a celebration of the most recent home learning efforts celebrated by the teachers.


Maths students have been working on key skills to help prepare for the autumn term topics they will be studying.  Here are some examples of great work we have received!


Y7 Computing & IT students have continued to work on their programming skills using the Scratch block-based programming tool. They have introduced variables into their projects to keep a score in a balloon popping game

Y8 Computing & IT students have also been working on their programming skills, using the text based Microsoft Small Basic language. After covering the key programming constructs of sequence, selection and iteration, they have now introduced subroutines to create reusable sections of code.


The year 12 PE students have been engaging in online revision sessions this week in preparation for their end of year assessment next week. They have been going over topic areas and also practising how to approach exam questions effectively for their online past paper on Monday. Some great work seen: here’s Mr Huston on his live lesson. 


Y7 Art students have been working on their CandyLand scene, adding colour using various materials:

Y8 Art Students have continued to develop their Illustration project by either developing their own character. Some Y8 Art students have been making work linked to the sea life theme:

Y9 Art students have been continuing with the development of their observational studies linked to fashion/possessions:

Y12 Art students have continued with their individual projects we would like to share with you the work of Carlin Wu who submitted this study during the week


On Monday 22nd June it was national Windrush Day which honours the British Caribbean community, and the half a million people who travelled to the UK after the Second World War. Students were given an information PowerPoint along with activities to complete in a style of their choice. Some wonderful work submitted here from their teachers.

In our world we see today,

Some changes need to be made.

Just because darker color of skin,

Does not mean they are a sin.


Black lives still apply,

To the kind human life.

Black lives matter is a true statement needed to be heard, 

The way some are treated is absurd.


Stand with human kind and show respect,

Because each one of us can make an affect.

Black people are still humans, kind and sincere,

So we all need to stand together and give them a cheer.


We must act now as the situation is getting dire,

Black lives we must admire.

They are still human and should be treated that way,

We need to understand and meet them half-way.


“Please I can’t breathe.” – George Floyd begging for his life,

Begging to stay alive with his kids and wife.

We all have something meaningful to us,

So do black lives, just wanting to love


Now, we stand together on Windrush Day,

Where we have a passageway.

Show the importance of black lives matter,

Don’t leave the world in a scatter.

–  Jasmine Davis Y7

Design and Technology

Y8 have been making Cheesecake this week! Here are some brilliant examples sent in from students at home:

We’ve also had this incredible POS display produced by a student in Y8: 

 Y9 showing some very creative skills in their woodwork projects:

Y10 have been doing some bricklaying since being back in school. Great to see them back at school completing their practical assignments they can’t do from home. Some good skills on show!

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