A-Level Politics Parliament Trip
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Tuesday 9th May 2017

On Wednesday 26th and Thursday 27th April, Y12 Politics students travelled to London to gain some first-hand experience of the course they are studying in action.

Wednesday began with a fantastic question and answer session in Parliament with the Shadow Secretary of State for Housing John Healey MP, who discussed important issues such as the upcoming election, Brexit and the creation of new grammar schools. Representatives from the Trades Union Congress and John Healey’s Press Secretary also delivered some extremely valuable talks, discussing the roles they perform daily and giving their opinions on contemporary political matters. During the time spent in Parliament, some famous faces were spotted, including Boris Johnson, Harriet Harman and Jeremy Hunt.

A short walk by the River Thames then led students to the Confederation of British Industry, where students were invited to tour the office and learn a bit more about the work of one of the UK’s most prominent insider pressure groups. During the evening, students enjoyed some free time shopping and dining in one of London’s most popular tourist attractions: Covent Garden.

The next day, students were given privileged access to the Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy, where they had a chance to speak to civil servants concerning their positions and take part in a policy making workshop. Afterwards, it was back to Parliament, where Wickersley students were joined by the student council from Clifton. All students showed off their excellent knowledge about the parliamentary process during an exciting workshop about creating laws. Finally, students had the unique opportunity to watch the creation of laws in action as they were given access to special seats in the House of Lords, allowing them to see Lords debate and vote on bills in person.

The trip was a huge success, and staff and students extend their gratitude to all of the representatives from the various institutes that delivered invaluable talks and workshops for our students, and in particular to John and Jackie Healey, who have yet again gone above and beyond with what they do for our school. Students from both schools were impeccably behaved and all of the teachers have commented that they represented our schools well and did us proud. Well done to both Y12 and to the Clifton student council!

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