Love Where You Live ❤️
School News
Tuesday 26th June 2018

On Wednesday 20th June 2018, 35 staff and students set out to clear the school and the surrounding area of litter. We were astonished to see the turnout as to the amount of litter we had collected – a whopping 400kg in 48 bags of litter.

People from a variety of year groups came and showed their support and commitment to the community. We were even honoured by two of the Rotherham Borough councillors who came to join us.
Wayne, from the RMBC and the Love where You Live Project, was our coordinator who helped us with planning and supplying of the necessary equipment.
We would like to thank every staff member and student that volunteered their time to change the standard of our community.

Written by Byron Winter, Isabel Hall, Ben McCluskey and Jacob Smith.


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