Morag Gascoigne Award
School News
Monday 6th April 2020

Each year the Hearing Impaired department hold a Morag Gascoigne award ceremony. It is awarded for resilience in the memory of Morag, Morag was one of our teachers of the deaf and taught at Wickersley School for a number of years.

This year Ellis Bywater year 7, Faqer Ulla and Ryan Woodcock both year 8, were nominated, all the students have shown this year that they are continuing to develop in the deaf and hearing world.

They all received a certificate at the Deaf Connections youth club where the award ceremony was held on Saturday 7th March. Unfortunately, they were not the winners but were nominated and considered for their resilience, they all received a certificate to celebrate their efforts.

Ellis Bywater – nominated by Tracey Lawton, HI Team

I have watched him move from Bramley to Wickersley. He has turned his life around and is taking more responsibility and is very confident to speak to anyone. He has settled so well in Wickersley.

From time to time he comes to talk to me about signing and told me he is teaching his teacher fingerspelling! He says he has forgotten lots of sign and is thinking of doing it again to learn.

Well done on your nomination Ellis!

Faqer Ulla – nominated by Cheryl Bailey, Julie Campbell, Alexa Harrison, Wickersley HI Team

Faqer has a can do attitude, he doesn’t give up when things get tough! He regularly shows great resilience at school. Faqer is so interested in things and when he doesn’t understand something he asks questions, and finds a way to understand. This can do attitude has enabled Faqer to be incredibly successful, he has  been nominated a few times this year for class Scientist of the week.

He has coped so well in secondary and is constantly improving and progressing passing all his targets as he goes along. He has shown such resilience and is always willing to try something new. He faces challenges with such confidence. He has a refreshing sense of humour and remains a good all round lovely student who is a pleasure to work with.

For persistent effort and commitment he has worked hard all year and never given up.

Well done on your nomination Faqer!

Ryan Woodcock – nominated by Rotherham Deaf Connections

Ryan has attended nearly every Rotherham Deaf Connections session. He often arrives early to help set up/pack away and has been extremely helpful to younger members of the group. Ryan is a bundle of energy and always has a smile, he just lights up the room..

He has been a brilliant role model for some of the younger children by encouraging them to join in activities if they are shy, often saying “come on, try”.

Because of Ryan, some younger members have had a go and tried new things! Ryan is so kind and happy to share, take turns and he really makes a difference to the shyer ones of the group.

Well done on your nomination Ryan!

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