Physical Health Awareness week
School News
Tuesday 14th November 2017

This week we are holding a ‘Physical Health Awareness week’ where students are being made aware of the benefits of leading a healthy active lifestyle. To support with this, they will be educated on ‘making the right choices’ with food and drink. Most activities will take place during our ‘ready to learn’ period in form time.

On Friday (17th) we want as many students and staff walking to and from school (Park & Stride). We are suggesting that they walk either from home or from a point where you plan to drop and pick them up from (maybe 1 mile away). Those that take public transport could get off one or two stops before. Let’s see if together we can make an impact on making our young people more active. Of course, this does not apply to those that need to be dropped off and picked up at school through personal needs.

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