Revision Record Breakers!
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Thursday 10th December 2015

Year 11 have been breaking records, taking their mock exams very seriously and showing staff members lots of evidence of the revision they have been doing.

Two members of 11F in particular have recently shown incredible effort. Melissa Foster and Oliver Henshaw have taken it upon themselves to really put the work in during their own spare time to give themselves the best possible chance of performing well in their mock exams.

The year group were twice given a focus of the week of ‘revision for mock exams’ in the two weeks running up to their mock exams. A Cause For Praise (CFP) was awarded each time a pupil showed their teacher evidence of revision in that subject.

Year 11 as a whole really took this on board – gaining 285 CFPs in one week and 385 CFPs the next!

Oliver managed to gain a massive 11 CFPs in week one and 9 CFPs in week two.

Melissa gained a sensational 20 CFPs in one week alone!

Mr Garratt, head of year 11 said: “The majority of year 11 have really stepped it up recently, and are now showing a real desire to do well. In addition, I have not in my time as a head of year ever seen any individual gain so many CFPs in one week. Melissa and Oliver have smashed the record by a long, long way and deserve a lot of praise. I am extremely impressed with the focus and determination they have shown, using their own time to ensure that they will go in to their mock exams as prepared as possible. Lots of members of staff have actively sought me out to let me know how they have noticed a real step up in motivation recently with both pupils. Keep it up!”

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