Skyla Ainley – European Silver Medalist
School News
Monday 18th November 2019

Skyla and her trio took home the silver medal in the European Championships held in Israel. This was the first time the girls had represented Great Britain as part of the official Team GB and is the biggest competition for acrobatic gymnastics alongside the world championships, each held every two years. Each gymnast there was a champion within their own country, with 22 countries being represented in Skyla’s category – the largest category in the competition.

Although the first day didn’t go as well as expected with the girls finishing sixth overall, they came back fighting for their second routine to secure their place in the final. The top 8 countries then had to compete in the final where the girls placed second behind the host nation of Israel and ahead of Russian Federation, bringing home the silver medal.

Being selected to represent GB in a European Championships is a huge honour, being on the podium alongside such amazing gymnasts is a feeling I’m sure Skyla and the girls will never forget. It was a fantastic set of results for Team GB as a whole and we are so proud that Skyla was selected to be part of it. This really has completed the most amazing season in the most spectacular of ways.

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