South Africa – An Unforgettable Trip!
School News
Tuesday 12th November 2019

18 students and three members of staff have returned from a truly amazing experience in South Africa.

The students have represented their families and the school impeccably, Mr Speakman, Mrs Stacey and myself (Mr Gill) are extremely proud of them all.

Working alongside Tim and his ‘Avengers’ as we call them has truly enabled our students express themselves in ways they could have never imagined. They have grown in confidence, self belief, displayed tolerance, become profound reflectors, danced, sang, and appreciated every little part of the journey.

They have completed projects in local schools, worked with peers from these particular schools and developed an understanding of how environmental issues is causing harm to our planet. They’ve Planted indigenous trees in ‘alien tree ’ Forests to help the ecosystem become thriving again. They’ve experienced local organic cooked food everyday and even cooked some themselves.

They’ve improved a local library in a run down community by helping paint a mural with environmental messages attached. They’ve swung from high ropes, swam in a lagoon, picked up micro plastic, and experienced a truly unforgettable game drive. Our students became fully immersed within the mix of cultures and communities who shared humanitarian beliefs and interests.

This was more than just a school trip, this is a shift in mindset for the richer. What a humbling experience to have shared.

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