Sponsored walk; A wellbeing wonder!
School News
Monday 30th September 2019

It is nearly time for the annual sponsored walk, but how does completing this 12 mile walk impact on your emotional wellbeing? We’ve used the ‘5 ways to wellbeing’ to help us explain….

Connect 👋 – When walking you will have the opportunity to chat to friends and other members of your form. Staff and sixth form students will be marshalling along the route, take time to say hi.

Be active 🏃🏻‍♂️ – So this one is fairly obvious, but walking for 12 miles is a real achievement. At the end of sponsored walk you will be physically tired and your mind will be clear. Physical activity improves and maintains our emotional wellbeing, just like it helps us to keep our bodies healthy.

Take notice ‼– a full day spent outside is great for reminding us how lucky we are to live in such a beautiful place. Remember to ensure that we keep it that way by keeping any rubbish with you.

Keep learning 🎓– For lots of us, sponsored walk will be the only opportunity we have to visit some of the places on the route, such a Roche Abby and Laughton Church. The walk can be tricky in places, so this is the perfect opportunity to develop resilience.

Give 📝– We complete sponsored walk to raise funds for our school and your year groups’ chosen charity. Make sure you collect your sponsor money and bring it all into school.

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