Staying Safe Online Tips
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Friday 19th June 2020

Enjoy using social networking sites by following a few sensible guidelines:

  • Do not let peer pressure or what other people are doing on social networking sites convince you to do something you are not comfortable with.
  • Be wary of publishing any identifying information about yourself – either in your profile or in your posts – such as phone numbers, pictures of your home or school, your address or birthday.
  • Pick a user name that does not include any personal information.
  • Create a strong password using three random words and set up two-factor authentication (2FA) is a free security feature that gives you an extra layer of protection online and stops cybercriminals getting into your accounts – even if they have your password.
  • Keep your profile closed and allow only your friends to view your profile.
  • What goes online stays online. Do not say anything or publish pictures that might later cause you or someone else embarrassment.
  • Never post comments that are abusive or may cause offence to either individuals or groups of society.
  • Be aware of what friends post about you, or reply to your posts, particularly about your personal details and activities.
  • Remember that many companies routinely view current or prospective employees’ social networking pages, so be careful about what you say, what pictures you post and your profile.
  • Be on your guard against phishing scams, including fake friend requests and posts from individuals or companies inviting you to visit other pages or sites.
  • Ensure you have effective and updated antivirus/antispyware software and firewall running before you go online.

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