Students Survey Local People
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Saturday 19th March 2016

On Tuesday 12th March, a group of 25 Y11 students became psychologists for the afternoon.

As part of their GCSE course, students are required to carry out their own research study, and who better to use as participants that unsuspecting members of the public!
Students were given just 1 week to design a study, on any topic of interest. Once completed, it was time to carry out their study on the people of Wickersley! Some of the chosen ideas from the budding psychologists were:

‘Will people help in an emergency situation?’
‘Will people return money found on the pavement if they have seen someone drop it?’
‘Do people respond more positively to certain accents?’
‘Do people wait for the green man before crossing the road?’

The students thoroughly enjoyed their afternoon ‘in role’, and all collected data that could be analysed in class. All those involved were a credit to the school and are already thinking of their next project!

Some of the students were very keen to return and ask more unsuspecting visitors their thoughts.

‘When are we going to the Tanyard again!’
‘It was really good to get out of school for the afternoon and put everything  we did in to practice’

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