Wellbeing Week – Week 1
School News
Tuesday 18th February 2020

Next week will be the first of our two wellbeing weeks in school. Throughout the week there will be lots of wellbeing activities for both students and staff to take part in.

Day 1 – Students will be delivered an informative form period about wellbeing, an introduction about health workers (with me in mind) who will be based in the Upper School Common Room as well as an introduction to our weekly steps challenge (10,000 a day).

Day 2 – In form period, students will discuss the 5 ways to wellbeing, with me in mind will be offering breathing and exercise tips and the weekly steps challenge will continue.

Day 3 – During form period, students will consider ‘making time to talk’ and with me in mind will be available to discuss ‘changes take time’. After school on Thursday is the 1, 2, 3KM walk, talk and run challenge, staff and students are encouraged to complete a walk, talk or run around the perimeter of the school field, how many can you do?

Day 4 – Walk to school Friday. Students will discuss in form period why and how regular exercise can improve your mental health and how this relates to school and healthier relationships, we will also be reviewing the daily steps challenge.

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