Wickersley Drama – Noughts and Crosses 🎭
Monday 7th June 2021
As part of the whole school focus on equality and diversity, Year 9 Drama students have been studying the play adaptation of Malorie Blackman’s Noughts and Crosses.
The play is a contemporary tale of star crossed lovers which deals with issues of race, violence, power and injustice.
It challenges our perceptions by using an alternate reality to “turn society as we know it on its head, with new names for the major divisions, i.e. Noughts (the underclass) and Crosses (the majority, ruling society).”
Students have explored themes of oppression, diversity, race and protest as well as digging deeper into the nine protected characteristics outlined in the Equality Act.

Practical drama work was conducted and presented with maturity, sensitivity and openness from the students. 
Royalty free music credit:

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