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Tuesday 19th May 2020

You are living through history right now, and in the future, your personal account of what life was like during the Coronavirus pandemic will be more powerful than any textbook could ever describe. To help share your story Wickersley School are building a time capsule, and we would love you to be involved.

A time capsule is a selection of letters, pictures and objects from the present time that will be buried in a container underground and opened again many years in the future. These items act as a method of communication with people in the future, reminding them what life was like in the past and how times have changed since then.

There are several ways you could be involved:

Complete our time capsule booklet 📖

If you have access to a printer, you could print and complete our time capsule booklet. This small booklet contains a selection of questions for you to answer about what life is currently like, as well as some diagrams that you can colour in.

Download the booklet here.

Gather images and newspaper articles 📰 📸

Why not take some photographs yourself, cut out newspaper articles or print some pictures found online that represent life during the Coronavirus pandemic? Queuing to enter supermarkets, social distancing, working from home and clapping for the NHS are a few ideas if you are unsure.

Write a short letter 📝

Write a short letter to Wickersley pupils in the future explaining what your life is currently like and how it has changed due to the Coronavirus pandemic. You could also include drawings and photographs within your letter if you wish. If you want to write a longer letter, take a look at the topics included within our time capsule booklet for further inspiration.

Please keep whatever you produce safe and only return it to your form tutor when you are next in school.

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