WPT Music Festival 2017 🎼
Monday 20th March 2017

Last week saw the culmination of much hard work and dedication from our talented musicians. The ever growing Wickersley Music Festival, this year, saw over 380 pupils from 10 different WPT and feeder schools take to the stage across the 2-day festival. Those that attended witnessed first hand the vast array of musical talent developing in our schools. Music really is thriving!

The results of the individual classes can be seen below.

7 Primary schools came to perform on day #1 of the festival, with various ensemble groups ranging from choirs to woodwind groups, guitar trios to samba band; we had it all. Bramley Sunnyside Primary ran out victors on this occasion with their selection of songs from Peter Pan the musical.

IMG_8675 copy

The Secondary competition was held on the evening of Day #2 and was held at two different venues as the growing number of entrants needed to be accommodated without the audience needing sleeping bags! The Junior class was held in H1-  whilst at the same time, the main hall saw the seniors battle it out. Ellie Habbin emerged the winner in the junior class whilst Carlie Collinson was victorious in the hard-fought senior contest. Special mention was made of the sublime trombone playing of Matt Read who smashed his note-perfect performance of Danny boy.

IMG_8609 copy

IMG_8616 copy

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After a well-earned interval, we took to the ensemble class that feature some cracking group work.

Jan and Hussen stole the show with their theatrical performance worthy of a heavy metal guitar slayer.

IMG_8625 copy

Departing from the norm this year we held the ‘MAT Final of Finals’ of our school’s X factor type competition. Each of the WPT secondary schools held their own competition earlier in the year and the top two from each competition came together here to decide the best of the best. Danny Newey came out on top of what was an amazing competition. We’re already looking forward to next year’s Music festival.

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Primary class

1 Bramley Sunnyside

2 Aston Hall

3 Bramley Grange

Other finalists included Rawmarsh Ashwood, Thrybergh, Brinsworth Whitehill and Aston Lodge.


Junior class

1 Ellie Habbin

2 Bethan Carter

3 Rosie Wagstaff

Other finalists included Aron Atkinson, Sohail Ahmed, Jenna Seyboth, Roma Cartlidge, Hannah Beaumont, Benjamin Hodgson, Alicia Rowbotham and James Dunn.


Senior class

1 Carlie Collinson

2 Matt Read

3 Jack Dudhill

Other finalists included Morgan Harold, Shoaib Dalton, Maisie Temple, Alice Irwin, Lucy Allott, Danielle Brownlow, Matt Cooper, Emily Wilkinson, Jonny Seyboth, Bethany Homer, Renne Bracewell and Nicole Caukwell.


Ensemble class

1 Jan Karala and Hussen Mulhem

2 Micha Swallow and Nicole Hildebrant

3 Jonny Seyboth and Will Hush

Other groups included Jade Jennison and Isabelle Coulson, the RCS Choir and Harmonix.


MAT Factor final of finals

1 Danny Newey

2 Nicole Myers

3 Alex Gleadon

4 Vaniya Farooq

5 2barz

6 Kian Burke

You can view all the photos from both of our events on Wickersley School facebook:

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