Year 10 Wickersley Awards – April Ceremony
School News
Thursday 12th April 2018

Miss Guest and Mr Kennedy held the Year 10 Wickersley Awards ceremony this week to celebrate many of the year groups achievements in the last term. As nominated by their form tutors, the following students received certificates for their continual hard work and positive attitudes, a huge well done goes to…

Outstanding Effort Greatly Improved Effort
Iona Stewart
Hannah Jarvis
Lucy Matthews
Emily Riley
Laura Packer
Millie Rose
Hannah Beaumont
Caitlin Orsborn
Jessica Hacking
Adam Law
Edward Welburn
Olivia Rebori
Eleana Barlow
Max Casey
Jenica Davis
Amelia Cowie
Livia Gray
Ciaran Davis
Benjamin Hodgson
Erin Brady
Isabel Hall
Alex Kemp
Zayn Afsar
William Middleton
Charlotte Barker
Kyle Hayes
Harry Sheffield
Ethan Binney
Stephanie Moore
Ava Docherty
Maximos Martin
Isaac Iqbal
Andrew Ogley-Kemp
Lucy Uttley
Continual High Standards and Commitment Positive Attitude
Lucy Elliot
Paige Wild
Imogen Vitty
Izabella Smith
Dylan Orridge
Jamie Cane
Joe Lakin
James Fletcher
Oliver Wright
Becca Shaw
Aron Atkinson
Luke Yates
Chloe Williams
Jack Thomas
Elisha Haigh
Owen Gundry
Adam Bacon
Milan Bates
Sammy Hemingway
Elizabeth Beighton
Ben Mangall
Hannah Shaw
Amy Walters
Bonnie Mae Worsley
Positive Member of the Community Outstanding CFPs
Liam Harris
Warren Smith
Anna Dickinson
Elian Bamford
Niamh Kettleborough
Jackson Haywood
Saira Hussain
Jake Smith
Ellie McGarvey
Leo Welch
Jessica Laidler
Participation in Extra Curricular
Harry Openshaw
Summer Williams
Elicia Bailey
Leah Hepburn
Rose Frost
Erin Brady
Thomas Dainty
Abigail Boyle
Amelia Hird
Isabelle Hill
Chloe Allen
Ahren Gregory
Sam Brown
Logan Webster
Lucy Skelton

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