Year 10 Wickersley Awards
School News
Wednesday 17th January 2018

Year 10 form tutors were given the pleasure of nominating students to receive an award for their hard work and commitment during their first term of GCSE’s. The ‘Wickersley Awards’ ceremony took place on Wednesday 3rd January.

A huge congratulations went to…

Outstanding Effort Improved Effort
Benjamin Hodgson
Millie Rose
Amelia Cowie
Jacob Handley
Jasper Hickey
Aenjee Sukha
Cameron Heppenstall
Hollie Blanchard
Jordon Jones
Toby Leyland
Liam Tomlinson
Jayden Winter
Bradley Lightfoot
Declan Sorby
Continual High Standards and Commitment
Zayn Afsar
Faiz Zia
Byron Winter
Olivia Rebori
Ellie Robson
Molly Dyas
Jay White
Edward Welburn
Jenica Davis
Ellie Mather
Sophie Claxton
Daisy Chalk
Oliver Drake
Brodie Cleary
Chloe Earl
Luke Ellison
Rebecca Brooks
Lucy Matthews
Katie Heald
Laura Packer
Hannah Beaumont
Alice Wright
Rebecca Williams
Adam Law
Nathan Abrahams
Positive Attitude towards School and Extra-curricular Outstanding CFP’s
Milly Jennett
Olivia Parkin
Lydia Dulley
Adam Jenkins
Ally Parker
Adele O’Nion
Archie Swindell
Natasha Forster
Holly James
Oliver Drake
Idrees Munir
Jessica Hacking
Evie Plant
Heather Widdowson-Trow
Eleana Barlow
Hannah Roberts
Max Chapman
Positive Member of the Community Participation in Extra-curricular
Liam Reddington
Isobelle Yates
Summer Williams
Elliot Hill
Liam Harris
Luke Yates
Katlin Linstead
Matthew Shaw
Chloe Williams
Anisah Abbass
Brandon Moscardini
Holly Pritchard
Harry Openshaw
Amelia Cowie
Kaukab Amjid
Ryan Viggars
Jessica Johnson
Lincoln  Ventour
Bethan James
Lucy Elliot
Owen Kelly
Elizabeth Smith
Lucy Hancock
Ben Smith
Harry Leng-Bloodworth
Zoe Winter
Jayden Winter
Finlay Riley
Ciaran Davies
Summer Wilson
Tilia Wood


Well done to all of the students who were awarded a certificate for term 1 and a big thank you to all of the Y10 form tutors for their continued support. We look forward to our next Wickersley Awards ceremony at Easter.

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