Year 11 Prom Update
School News
Tuesday 5th May 2020

We have been working hard to ensure that Year 11 are given the celebration they deserve. The Year 11 prom will now be held in the same venue, The Holiday Inn Barnsley, but on the revised date of Thursday 22nd of October 2020. Unfortunately, we are still fully reliant on factors that are out of our control. As much as we hope the prom goes ahead on this date, there is no certainty that it will and we may have no option but to look into yet another date change. We simply have to try and adapt to the current situation as and when. Should social distancing requirements still be in place then we will be in contact.

If this date is no longer suitable for you, please can you email Mrs Burton on and she will arrange a refund from Parentpay. However, ParentPay is currently receiving a high volume of requests and the refunds may take longer than usual. If you have not already paid, we have now changed the deadline date for payment of the Prom, which is £35.00, to the 1st September 2020.

We thank everyone for the patience and understanding

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