Year 7’s Sheffield Uni Talk for Virtual Science Week
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Wednesday 17th March 2021

Martin Robinson from Sheffield University spoke to all our Y7 students over Google Meet about what it is like on Mars and the research that is currently ongoing. Students had an opportunity to then ask Martin lots of questions.

Afterwards, we asked some of the Y7s to tell us what they had learnt.

What I liked about the Science talk last week:


I liked how they have sent robots to Mars and given people chances to pick the names of the robots e.g The Perseverance Robot. Also, I like how I could be doing the samples in 10 years’ time for NASA. I also like how they have sent a helicopter to Mars and that they are able to track them and see what they have been doing. I like how they are able to see if there were any life on Mars and to see all of the craters on the planet Mars. Then at the end I liked how we were able to ask questions to him and he would tell us if we were right or wrong.


What I have learnt from the science space talk:


From the space talk I have learnt many things, one of them being how in a couple of weeks a space helicopter called Ingenuity will be released on Mars. I have also learnt how Earth has evolved to do with traveling to space and how there is frozen water under the surface of the planet Mars. I also know that many space crafts have made it across our galaxy.

I have learned that there are robots on Mars trying to find life and I also learnt that they may have found life on Mars.

The talk from last week informed me with the fact that there is some evidence of water that used to be on Mars but has been dried up by the years that have come.

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