Science Fair 🔬

Monday afternoon saw this years first Science Fair held in the Main Hall, we had over 20 projects on show with over 50 children involved, along with parents attending to see the outstanding work the pupils had produced. The quality of projects were outstanding and very difficult to judge!

All the projects throughout the afternoon were judged by Mr Turner, Mrs Hayes, Ms Richardson and Harry Leng Bloodworth (Y9) we chose the following as winners of the awards…

Overall Winners

  • Charlotte Allen and Sophie Chandley (Y7)
    Can a coin falling from the top of the Empire state kill if it hit your head?

Effort Winners

  • Ellie Habbin (Y8), Lucia Bird (Y8), Olivia Brice (Y8)
    Why does coke react with Mentos?

  • Sean Dixon (Y7)
    How do planets move?

Scientific Content

  • Ella Killcommons (Y8), Beth Scanlon (Y8), Jack Crosthwaite (Y8), Vaughan Broadhead (Y8)
    What do our drinks contain?

Rolls Royce Girls Prize

  • Aimee Goodlad, Mia Cox, Ellen Stockdale, Freya Eblet (Y8)
    What petals and liquids are the best to produce the strongest perfume?

Congratulations to all the students involved!