STEM Innovation Day
Monday 16th December 2019

On Wednesday 13th November, Y12 science students attended a STEM innovation day at Sheffield Hallam University. The day included an insight into the wild world of nuclear physics where students calculated the density of the nucleus and the velocity of subatomic particles and looked at how scientists are studying the forces which hold together nuclei. An insightful workshop into gene editing and the ethics of using new Krisa Cas9 technology allowed students to develop their own opinions on its uses.

They also experienced a magical maths activity on how card tricks rely on mathematics and took a tour of the engineering labs. Students had the opportunity to test the tensile strength of metals and dive into youngs modulus, also witnessing some manufacturing techniques and pouring of hot liquid metal.

The day was a fantastic experience and a real chance for students to explore further education and future careers in science and engineering.

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