Ready to Learn in Social Science
Sixth Form
Friday 6th March 2020

There’s lots going on in Social Science, see what they’ve been up to recently!

Health roles workshop will be taking place on the 27th March, giving Year 9 students an opportunity to gain an insight into different job roles and to further develop their understanding of the wide range of Health and Social Care provision available to society.

Date for the diary: Our Level 3 Health and Social Care students will be collecting their results on the 18th March, for Unit 1 and Unit 4 examinations taken in January.

Our CACHE community playgroup has now ended for this year, organised and planned by our year 13 Diploma students it has been well received by our community. It has been a pleasure to meet so many of our under 3s and their parents who we hope to see next September.

Year 13 Diploma students are now on track to end their current placement at Easter. Many have applied to University for primary teaching and have already been successful, others are planning exciting careers organising the children’s clubs on cruise ships and also working in the community, working with under 5s.

All Year 9 Psychology students have been carrying out their own psychology research projects over the last few weeks. Students have had to choose a topic of interest and recruit participants around the school to take part in their experiments.

Some groups have investigated:

  • verbal vs. visual memory
  • the effects of age/gender on memory
  • reaction times of students
  • perception of colour
  • perception of time
  • conformity to a bell
  • how different genders handle greed
  • the link between intelligence and memory

Students are now completing a written report and a presentation ready to share their findings with the rest of the class next week!

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