British Gymnastics Championship 2016
Tuesday 9th August 2016

Skyla Ainley (8N) and her partners Olivia Watson and Alicia Jackson (not Wickersley pupils) participated in the 2016 British gymnastics Championship held at the Echo Arena in Liverpool.  This event was held for multiple gymnastics disciplines including Acrobatic gymnastics for FIG level gymnasts, competing for the prestigious British medal titles.




Skyla and her partners had to compete 2 routines where the top 8 partnerships from these combined scores compete in the final.  Skyla and her partners finished with the highest combined scores.




The final consisted of 1 routine of which would determine the championships, in this routine Skyla’s partnership performed a fantastic dynamic  routine to take the SILVER British Medal. This is an amazing achievement and is testament to the sacrifices and hours of training the girls do.



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