Ready to Learn in PE, October 2019
Tuesday 8th October 2019

Students within practical lessons are nearing the end of their first activity block of this year. Pupils study a sport for seven weeks completing work on skill development and then strategies and tactics within game/performance situations.

Pupils will be informed of their target grade and then be given pointers, using our grade ladders, as to how they achieve their target grade. Pupils are asked to perform at their very best level during the assessment period as any grades will affect their overall grade which is then reported and then passed onto parents. It is worth noting that pupils are also given an effort grade for each activity. Within this effort grade we consider effort, attitude, application, behaviour, focus, organisation and motivation amongst other things; the majority of our students achieve good or outstanding effort grades in PE.

Following the assessment period pupils will then commence the second block of sports activity, so pupils need to ensure they are organised with the correct equipment for the new sports. At this point it is worth noting that the weather is now starting to change and pupils must ensure they are equipped for the wind, rain, snow etc that we will undoubtedly face in the next four months or so. Too often pupils change for PE and only have shorts and T-shirt despite it being below freezing or lashing it down with rain.
On top of their normal PE kit pupils are allowed to bring any additional items of kit, as long as they are black so in-keeping with the standard PE kit. This could be an additional tracksuit top or rain jacket, under-armour items or warm hats and gloves. It may also be worth keeping spare socks within PE bags as they often get wet during PE.

Being prepared is part of the ‘Ready 2 Learn’ principles and something that pupils are regularly reminded about and pupils will enjoy the sessions more and progress further if they are ready and prepared for every lesson.

Yours in Sport
Mr A Rawlin
Head of PE Faculty

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