Overview of KS3

In Year 7, 8 and 9, students study Dance as one unit within PE lessons. In these lessons, students will learn about performance skills and choreographic devices based around a different theme each year.

In Year 8, students have the choice of picking Dance as one of their Creative Arts options. These option lessons are designed to prepare students for potentially choosing GCSE Dance in Year 9 and cover different dance styles and include both theory and practical tasks as a result.

The course includes a hip-hop project in which hip-hop styles will be covered in workshops and a hip-hop routine will be learnt and performed. Students will also have to take inspiration from the professional work ‘Emancipation of Expressionism’ to produce their own version of a section of the piece.

The second project will focus on contemporary dance and again will include workshops and a routine that students will be expected to learn and perform as well as looking at previous GCSE Dance set dances in order to develop their techniques even further.

In addition, students must analyse the professional work ‘A Linha Curva’ and produce a presentation on the lighting, set design, costume design, accompaniment and movement material within the piece.

In the final project of the year, students will be introduced to different performance environments and will be required to choreograph and video a site-sensitive routine of their own.

Overview of KS4

The new specification for GCSE Dance requires that 60% of the marks come from practical units and 40% from the theory unit. There are three practical units, all of which will be assessed through a video performance and marks will be moderated by the exam board through video evidence. For this exam, students will be required to perform in a duet or trio performance, perform two motifs set by the exam board and choreograph a solo or group piece in response to set questions.

The theory element of the course requires students to learn about health and safety, nutrition and skills in relation to Dance. However, the main proportion of the theory course focuses on six professional works; pupils learn about the lighting, set design, costume design, accompaniment and movement material used in each piece and must be able to explain how each component relates to the choreographic idea.

They also have to learn about the choreographers of each piece and be able to explain their choreographic approaches. This is all assessed in a 1 ½ hour written exam that includes both short answer and essay-style questions.


Grade Ladders

Grade ladders show the skills/content that a pupil is required to demonstrate to reach each particular grade. These can be used by pupils and parents in targeting what they need to do to make progress in each subject.


Curriculum Intent

Please be aware these documents are only draft versions.

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Curriculum Plan

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