Overview of KS3

Pupils are introduced to a variety of skills, tools and equipment used in GCSE courses. Pupils will develop independent learning and problem-solving skills which will give them an understanding of what is required of them at GCSE. Pupils will focus on learning specific skills needed to cut, shape, finish and join materials, gain an understanding of the properties of engineering materials used and develop abilities in reading working drawings in which pupils are given.

Overview of KS4

Pupils are assessed through 3 units of work

Pupils are expected to show and develop the following skills:

Pupils will complete the WJEC Level 1/2 Award in Engineering. It provides learners with a broad introduction to the engineering sector and the types of career opportunities available. It is mainly suitable as a foundation for further study.

This further study could provide learners with the awareness of the work of different types of job roles in the sector such as design engineers, civil engineers, technicians and mechanical engineers. As a result, they may wish to start an apprenticeship or continue with their studies into higher education in order to pursue those job roles.

The successful completion of this qualification, together with other equivalent qualifications, such as maths and sciences, could provide the learner with opportunities to access a range of qualifications including GCE, apprenticeships, vocationally related and occupational qualifications.


Grade Ladders

Grade ladders show the skills/content that a pupil is required to demonstrate to reach each particular grade. These can be used by pupils and parents in targeting what they need to do to make progress in each subject.

Engineering & Construction – Year 9
Engineering – Level 1/2 Award

Curriculum Intent

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