Overview of KS3

Throughout Key Stage 3, students complete a range of schemes of work which explore different topics such as Fairy tales, War Literature, Myths and Legends and The Victorians. Across these schemes of work, students will read a range of poems, novels and plays which allow them to practise reading skills. Students also practise a range of writing types and this writing is inspired by the texts they are studying. The way students develop their knowledge of vocabulary is also important at Key Stage 3. Everything that students learn at this stage is designed to prepare them for the demands of GCSE.

Overview of KS4

During Key Stage 4, students study both English Language and English Literature, which make up two separate GCSEs. The skills required in the examinations for these courses are covered across Year 10 and Year 11.

The English Language course is made up of 50% reading skills and 50% writing skills, and these are tested in each of the two exams. In preparation for this, students work on their ability to write a variety of different text types, and for different purposes, such as to narrate, describe, argue or persuade. This is then complemented with reading skills, such as inferences, analysis of language and structure, evaluation and comparison.

The English Literature course also ends with two exams, which are more essay-based than the English Language. Students are taught a range of different text types: Macbeth by Shakespeare, The Sign of the Four by Arthur Conan Doyle, An Inspector Calls by JB Priestley, and a poetry anthology based on the themes of Power and Conflict. For all of these, students explore plot and meaning, characters, themes, contexts and ideas about the writers.


Grade Ladders

Grade ladders show the skills/content that a pupil is required to demonstrate to reach each particular grade. These can be used by pupils and parents in targeting what they need to do to make progress in each subject.


Curriculum Intent

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