Overview of KS4

The assessment for GCSE Art & Design: Photography is divided into 2 modules of study: The portfolio worth 60%, and the externally set test, worth 40% of the overall grade.

The portfolio will be based on experimental projects completed over the first year and a half of the course. A trip to Whitby will be used for collecting primary images to support pupil’s coursework and they will also be expected to gather images at locations they may visit in their own time.  Over the 2-year course students will complete a minimum of 4 projects which may include ‘Looking down’, ‘Landscape’, ‘Close up’ and ‘Street Photography’. Pupils will begin the course by researching and experimenting with a range of techniques including, ISO, Aperture and Shutter Speed. Pupils will have time to use the cameras and practice these skills around the school and at home. At the beginning of the second year, pupils will sit a mock exam, mimicking the prep and controlled exam time required for the final practical exam. This work will then be used as their final piece of coursework.

Students choose from a list of questions supplied by the exam board for their externally set test. They will have approximately eight weeks preparation time followed by 10 hours in exam conditions. In January of year 11, the real exam project is started, following the same project format as their coursework pieces. All work is marked internally and moderated by AQA exam board.

Success in this subject is measured by the students’ response to and evidence of AQA’s 4 assessment objectives for Art & Design. In order to be successful pupils must be disciplined in taking photographs at home in order to support the work completed in school.


Grade Ladders

Grade ladders show the skills/content that a pupil is required to demonstrate to reach each particular grade. These can be used by pupils and parents in targeting what they need to do to make progress in each subject.


Curriculum Intent

Please be aware these documents are only draft versions.


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