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Friday 17th March 2017

Ed Sheeran, who is a singer/songwriter from Halifax, is hoping to break his own record by having all songs from his new album, in the top 10 this weekend. His recent January single, Shape of you, has broken Spotify streaming records with 10,123,630 plays,

Today, we have interviewed a selection of people from Wickersley School and Sports College including a music teacher and a Year 8 student about their opinion on Ed Sheeran’s new album. We asked Mr Oxer, a music teacher, if he is inspired by Ed Sheeran, he replied saying, “Personally no but my students are inspired by him…. I’m shocked about how many students are asking for lessons in music. He also replied, “lots of students are now wanting to learn how to play the guitar because Ed Sheeran has inspired them to play it.”

Glastonbury is the Uk’s biggest music festival. He is headlining on the Sunday 25th June. We also asked Mr Oxer about what he thinks about Ed Sheeran Headlining Glastonbury and he said: “He is happy and that he deserves it.”  We also interviewed a Year 8 girl called Jess who loves Ed Sheeran She gave her opinion on Ed Sheeran at Glastonbury. She is Happy that his songs are in the charts because she loves his music. She also said, “He has a lot of songs but that most of them are in the top 10 is a good thing because his music is really good.”

Ed Sheeran is at Glastonbury on Sunday 25th of June. It is his only Festival appearance this year, however, Ed is going on tour to Manchester, Nottingham, Birmingham, Germany, Switzerland, Sweden, Amsterdam, Denmark, Spain, Glasgow, Newcastle.

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