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Tuesday 27th September 2011

Classics trip to Oxford

On Wednesday 21st September, 29 Classics students travelled to Oxford for a visit to the University’s Classics Department. Y12 met with Dr. Felix Budelmann for a talk on Ancient Greek Lyric. Meanwhile Y7/8 became frogs, wasps, birds and clouds as they discovered what it meant to become the chorus of an ancient greek tragedy.

Next students travelled for a delicious lunch at Magdalen College, where they got the chance to speak to Miss Burns’ sister Sophie – a 5th year medical student at Exeter College, Oxford.

After lunch, Y12 took part in an intensive drama session in which they staged a 25 minute production of Alcestis. Whilst Y7&8 took a tour of the Ashmolean museum, deciding which artefacts would have best suited the ancient Egyptians.

With only one stop for an upset stomach and returning to school in high spirits, a highly enjoyable day was had by all!

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