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Friday 21st March 2014


Millionaire media mogul Charlie Sarky has gathered the country’s top TV cooks together to find the UK’s Ultimate Chef in his hit new show “The Flavour”.

Foul-mouthed kitchen nightmare Jordan Hamsey, retro culinary queen Fanny Madoc and even Sarky’s celebrity chef wife, Fenella Dawson, are all in the running to win. But as temperatures rise in the crowded kitchen, tensions come to the boil and it’s not long before the knives are out and a murder is committed! Is revenge a dish best served cold? Or is it death by chocolate?!

We need YOUR help to play detective, in your own team of super sleuths, to question the 8 suspects and discover who is behind the secret recipe for murder. Prizes for the winning team, punishment for the killer, and a tasty chilli supper, fresh from our Celebrity Kitchen, are all thrown in. Bring your own table wine but keep a clear head – there’s a killer about!

Thursday July 3rd & Friday July 4th, 7:30pm

Tickets will be £10 to support the House of Light Trust, a local charity for adults with learning disabilities. Book with Hayley Partington to secure your place and get yourselves into teams where possible.


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