Maths Revision Challenge Winners!
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Wednesday 1st July 2015


All year 7 and 8 students have recently been competing in the MyMaths Revision Challenge. Tasks were set on MyMaths for students to complete in their own time and points were awarded for the accuracy of their work as well as quantity of challenges completed. Small groups of students have been battling it out for 3 weeks to be crowned the winners.

The champions for year 7 were James Dunn (7F), Oliver Drake (7F), Stephanie Moore (7H) and Millie Rose (7H). Their team managed to earn an enormous 226 points. The team winners for year 8 were Matthew Read (8F), Jack Quealey (8L), Lucy Hobman (8H) and Shahdey Movahedi (8H). Their team earned 216 points in total. Each winning team member received a £5 Meadowhall voucher.

The year 7 student individual winner was Adam Law. He received a £10 Meadowhall voucher to celebrate his accomplishment. The overall winner for both year 7 and 8, earning a massive 112 points on his own, was Harry Jessop (8P). Harry also received a £10 Meadowhall voucher as his prize. This is a huge achievement. Harry should be very proud of himself. The top scorers in both year groups were Harry Jessop, Ben Bolton, Joseph Robinson, Jake Gilbert, Matthew Read, Anna Roberts, Shatha Shahin, Jack Quealey, Lucy Hobman, Shahdey Movahedi, Georgia Bowman, James Dunn, Jessica Faid, Adam Jenkins, Adam Law, Charlie Lee, Micah Parsons, Ryan Viggars, Oliver Drake, Stephanie Moore and Millie Rose. These all can be seen having a photograph with the headteacher holding their certificates.

Well done to all students who took part in the challenge. You should all be very proud of your achievements.


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