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Thursday 5th January 2012

It took 21 weeks to loose 41lbs and achieve goal weight. Being part of such an outstanding school and sports college I am always surrounded by amazing athletes and their achievements. Sport had always been such a huge part of my school life and I wanted to be active again.


In June 2011 I joined my local Weight Watchers group. After the weight started to fall off it gave me the confidence to start Military Fitness Training. I must have known teaching at the top of F-block after two flights of stairs would come in handy one day.

In October 2011 I went along to a Weight Watchers audition for their new advert but they gave nothing away about it. So X-factor style I picked a pink hairbrush, stood in front of a panel of three judges (interviewers) and sang (and tried to dance) to Valerie, The Zootons. Then came the call, I had been selected to star in their 2012 advert with Alesha Dixon who was releasing a song written for Weight Watchers. They invited me to London for 4 days, put me up in the 4* Cumberland Hotel, Regent Street (AMAZING), paid for all meals and gave me spending money. I was thrown straight into wardrobe, rehearsals and interviews. We rehearsed in an underground car park in Soho before the two day shoot for which they had to close Marshall Street. Feeling like a mini celebrity, having my hair and makeup done, runners to attend to my every request I came back to Rotherham with a bump. It was an amazing experience and one that will stay with me.


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