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Friday 17th March 2017

Students from Wickersley School and several local primary schools performed in Wickersley School’s Music Festival. Most schools celebrated winning awards from the event. During the event, students performed songs and some performed using musical instruments, such as the guitar and drums.

Awards were also handed out to local schools. Some local primary school students, from Aston Hall Junior and Infant school, said that they enjoyed the experience and was happy with coming in second place to Bramley Sunnyside Junior School. They also said the event was successful and fun! Unfortunately, one student thought that the festival was overcrowded because a lot of primary schools participated.
Awards were also handed out to the pupils of Wickersley School. One year eight student, called Ellie (who is in the photo above), won an award. She won first place in the Junior Class. Ellie participated in the music festival, by the singing a song by Sam Smith. She said she was happy to receive the award and that she didn’t expect to get it, as there was a lot of good performers.


Wickersley School’s Production of the Musical Annie

Also going on in Wickersley School is their drama production, Annie. This production will start on 4th April – 6th April 2017. Students from Y7-Y11 are in this production. We interviewed a girl called Charlie. Charlie is in the production of Annie, she plays the part of Molly. She has been to a lot of rehearsals, but Charlie does dance, drama and singing as extra-curricular activities outside of school, so she is used to a lot of rehearsals. She says that the audience will be likely to laugh during the performance, as in some parts in the performance it is very comical.

Summer Drama Production From Wickersley School

Wickersley School are putting on yet another production! This production is called ‘Loitering within Tent’. This will be a production by the drama club that Wickersley School have to offer the students. It will be on Thursday’s after school until 4:30pm. Auditions will be on the 27th March in Dr1. The production will be available to watch in summer.

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