National Rounders Victory
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Monday 13th July 2015

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There were 17 teams across England who had qualified for the tournament including us. We were put in a group with 4 other teams (the rest had 3 other teams) and the top two qualified for the quarter finals. The team won two, drew one and lost one but managed to finish 2nd in the group. In the quarter final they played South Hunsley and they had a score of 5 rounders to beat. With some amazing batting Wickersley scored 5 1/2 with 5 bats still left to play. In the semi-final they play Portsmouth and scored 5 1/2 and with an impressive fielding innings kept the oppositions score down to 3 1/2.

They then faced a team from Poole in the final. We batted first and scored 5 and when fielding Wickersley got all 8 of their players out except the oppositions best batter with 5 balls remaining. This girl could score a rounder off almost every ball and she only needed 2 to equalise. On her first hit she sent it what seemed like miles and I thought that it would be a rounder for sure, however Tala Hepburn scooped it up and through a fantastic over arm throw to Milly Morritt who caught it and stumped her out with a millisecond to spare.

I am therefore pleased to say that they are U16 National Rounders Champions!

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