Reading for Rainbows!
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Thursday 21st June 2012

Over the past few months, our Year 8 English class have been reading a variety of books in our English lessons and at home. We have all been working extremely hard to raise money for a charity that is particularly close to our hearts- Rainbows for Rachel.

As Rachel is part of our English class, we decided to organise a fundraiser called Reading for Rainbows; this week, Rachel has taken part in the reading herself. As a class, we have read for over 75 hours of our free time!

This has required a lot of hard work, but it has all certainly been worth it as we have raised £55! We are all delighted that we have been able to raise this money, and we have thoroughly enjoyed reading at the same time.

If you would like to get into reading, here are some of our recommendations: “The Woman in Black” by Susan Hill, for older readers, “Foul Play” by Tom Palmer and “How to Ride a Dragon’s Storm”. Happy Reading!

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