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Wednesday 1st February 2012

Snooker loopy Y11 Student Sam Willey went potting for success and achieved a maximum 147 break recently.

Sam’s Story

I started playing snooker about 3 years ago at a decent level several times a week, and over the years my passion and skill for the game has risen immensely. From then my overall game has got better and so have my breaks, even my temperament has improved to make me the player I am today, not the finished copy, but a solid player none the less. All the thanks must go to the Star Snooker Academy in Sheffield, and in particular- ex professionals Alan Trigg and Gary Baldrey, who have nurtured me from raw and believed in my ability. With their help and persistence I am lucky enough to say I have made a 147. It comes on the back of several centuries and in particular a 143.

The 147 itself was one of a great deal of luck. I started with a long red to leave me perfect on the black. A few simple reds and blacks later I had a simple half ball black, and with lots of stun and left hand side into the cluster of reds below the pink. They split perfectly and left the simple task of clearing them up. And down to the final black, and I potted it but got a kick and left a longish yellow, which I successfully managed to pot and roll through off two cushions on to the green. The green was dispatched but a kick on the brown left a hard, long blue. I missed it into the top right hand pocket but to my joy it bounced off two cushions and fluked it in to the green pocket. And a simple pink was potted, leaving the heart wrenching black. Thankfully after 2 minutes of preparation I sunk it into the heart of the pocket and the illusive 147 was made possible. But only down to a bit of luck and a lot of hard work from my coaches Alan and Gary.

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