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Friday 17th March 2017

Yesterday, The Government announced further cuts to education; as a result of this, it is likely that half of English schools could see funding cuts of up to 11% per pupil. The key reasons for these cuts are rising inflation, lack of funding for councils leading to schools being given the target to save £3 billion by 2019.

The Education Policy Institute (EPI) states that Secondary schools could lose £291,000 on average and Primary schools could lose £74,000.

Downing Street and the DfE are dismissing reports about the plans being dropped, but it is still uncertain about what is really going to happen. Consequently, schools are lacking on equipment and supplies, and staff are having to work harder than ever.

According to Theresa May’s spokesperson, the plans are not final and the Government is open to change. He stated, “It is a genuine commitment and we want to hear from as many people as possible. We want to make sure we get it right this time.” However, schools are not convinced, we interviewed members of staff from a secondary school in South Yorkshire.

We have recently spoken to the head teacher of Wickersley School, Mrs Renavent. She stated, “It’s given us a great deal of stress knowing that we are going to lose £1million from our budget over the last five years.” She also said that she’s “really angry that she had to let some members of staff leave, as we are trying to save money so that we can have more resources like books, pencils and rulers etc.” “Also, we are very stressed out because I have to rely on the staff members to take on more roles, due to lack of money; they have to do break-time duties and work even more hours than they actually do.”

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