Science Week: Friction at Nanoscale
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Monday 12th March 2012

Dr Zhenyu Zhang is the first visitor to be welcomed to Wickersley during this Year’s National Science Week. He was here to share his scientific expertise with 30 of our A Level Physics students.

He gave an overview of the 50 years of nanoscale friction history, right up to current cutting edge research, ideas and technology. Dr Zhenyu also explained his career route into his current 5 year research project at Sheffield University. He also talked to the students about the Carbon 60 also known as the ‘buckyball’.

Interesting ideas from the presentation:-
In the time it takes you to read this sentence your fingernails will have grown by 1 nanometre!

20% of petrol is consumed in a typical car to counteract friction in the engine! Can we reduce this friction and make cars more efficient?

Can nanoscale technology reduce friction in metal hip replacements and so reduce bladder cancer rates in hip replacement patients?

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