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Monday 16th September 2013


On 12th July, 22 Wickersley students and 4 members of staff left school to start their mammoth journey to South Africa. After 2 years of hard work, students fundraised an incredible £55,000 which enabled them to go on the trip of a lifetime and make a difference in a country with so much poverty.

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Before starting the hard graft in the Townships, students had the opportunity to see some of the beautiful country and experience some of South Africa’s culture & wildlife. The first stop was Cape Town where students were immediately hit by the contrast in living conditions within the communities and were fortunate enough to see an abundance of wildlife, getting up close and personal with penguins, baboons and monkeys. We travelled to Cape Point and Table Mountain, admiring the beautiful views of the Ocean. We then got a further taste of South Africa’s troubled past, visiting Robben Island where Nelson Mandela was held prisoner for so many years.

After leaving Cape Town, we travelled along the coast to Dyer Island where they took part in some marine conservation and went on a boat trip, seeing Penguins, Seals, Whales and even Great White Sharks!!!!! Another trip along the beautiful coastline to Tsitskikamma, where students took part in a canopy tour of the forest – sliding from tree to tree on a series of zip lines up to 100m long!!!

Upon arriving in Port Elizabeth, students had a brief tour of the city and the Township in which we would be working. We then arrived at Enzomncane school – where we would be based for 8 days, helping to create a permaculture garden which will provide the local community with fruit & vegetables for years to come. The school put on an impressive show to welcome us, with singing & dancing from all year groups.

The next day the students started work on the garden and worked extremely hard on a variety of tasks; building bridges, digging holes, turning soil, planting trees & plants, as well as numerous other gardening tasks. They worked alongside the Enzomncane students and made some excellent relationships along the way. The local community were amazed with the effort our team put in as we managed to complete 5 days work in just the first day and a half. We were determined to make a difference!

Another project which our fundraising money went towards was an Orphanage within the local township. Students visited the ‘Jerusalem Safe Haven’ one evening  where 15 youngsters were given a place to sleep, and 45 more came to eat every evening – all thanks to one wonderful lady. Our fund raising enabled the orphanage to have a new roof so they didn’t get wet when it rained and a sewage system. When we got to see the new roof, as well as a new septic tank for the toilet, it was an emotional experience for many of them and made them realise how much our fundraising had helped and how lucky we are back home in England.

On their final day at the school, there was an emotional farewell to all the students and staff during a goodbye assembly. The head teacher thanked us for all our hard work and she was touched when she heard of all the help we had received by everyone in our school & community back in Wickersley.

One final treat for the students followed, when we went on Safari at Addo Elephant national park – where students got up to see some amazing wildlife; Elephants, Buffalos, Meerkats and Antelope to name just a few.

Overall, students had an incredible experience and were an absolute asset to the school. They worked hard and enjoyed themselves, as well as developing some incredible relationships within a community thousands of miles away from home.

Students will be visiting assemblies in the coming weeks to tell you more and show you some pictures & videos from this incredible trip.

We are planning another trip in 2 years time which I am sure you’ll be hearing plenty about in the near future and maybe this time you could be involved………

Check out a few of our pics from the trip!

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