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Thursday 7th November 2013


They have met every Friday with Miss Tattershall where the weekly winner has been announced for collecting the most points.

Points have been awarded for collecting CFPs, no CFCs, 100% attendance, no late marks, meeting weekly targets, accessing homework support and winning weekly challenges. Of the 14 boys that were participating, 9 were presented with awards this morning from Mr Hudson for:


1st Place: Shay Stillings


2nd Place: Jordan Brunt


3rd Place: Alex Grayson


Significant Improvements: Euan Crehan and Tyler Barrow
Excellent Commitment: Sam Jewell and Bailey Eaton
Most CPS: Shay Stillings
No CFCs: Sam Brown and Alex Grayson
Achieving the highest score in one week: Alex Grayson
100% attendance: Todd Cresswell

Well done to you all and keep up the good work!

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