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Friday 17th March 2017

A new pound coin is to be issued around the UK. But people want to know: Why are we making a new pound coin? And will the old coin still have value or will they just be scrapped?

Since this was a broader topic that will affect different age groups we ran a focus group consisting of 5 year 5 and 8 students and we asked them: What do you think of the new pound coin?
One child said there was no point of the new pound coin because we already have money. Another said that the new pound coin looked nicer than the original coin.

The new pound coin will be coming out on 28th March this year.

There are many disadvantages to this new pound coin. One of the downsides is that not many cash, vending and car machines will not accept its complicated shape. Also, another downside is that it is silver in the middle and gold on the outside which makes it look like a two-pound coin, that could also cause confusion.

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