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Wednesday 22nd January 2014


Reece Goodwin is in Y12 and is causing a lot of interest in the sport world. He is at the moment 3rd fastest in the country achieving outstanding times in the 100M sprint and is hoping to go all the way to the Paralympics in Rio 2016.
Reece will be featuring on TV next week. So look out for him on Tuesday 28th at 5.30pm on CBBC. The programme is called My life – Race to Rio.

Reece writes:

“A lot of athletes want to become an elite athlete but it takes hard work, dedication and determination to become one of the most elite athletes in the country. My name is Reece and I am a T36 athlete with Cerebral Palsy; my story is featured as part of the new series: My life. After taking up running as a hobby, I was quickly identified as a talent by team GB and then became the 3rd fastest T36 in the country. Since my parents were told that I would never walk, and I have found this difficult in the past, this made them even more proud and determined to help me.

The most enjoyable aspect of athletics is the amount of independence it gives you. You can’t blame anyone else but yourself if you do not perform well. Being part of the series has made me realise that not everyone is the same and that anyone can become what they want to be. The experience during filming has been amazing because the producers have been so understanding, and I have made loads of new friends, as well as impressing the ones I already had. I hope to possibly become one of the lucky athletes in the Paralympics in the future. At the moment I will focus on my studies whilst training in my free time but if an opportunity like a scholarship or sponsorship comes up, then I will focus more on becoming an elite Paralympian. ”

Let us support Reece all the way with his current and future success. Well done Reece and keep up the inspiring efforts.

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