The 'Superbug Killer' Visits Wickersley
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Tuesday 6th March 2012

Dr Joanna Buckley of Sheffield University recently visited Wickersley to help with our Y8 Science STEM group by giving a presentation on her area of expertise – Using Silver Nano-Particle Technology to kill superbugs and prevent infections in hospitals with scientifically designed wound dressings.

A selection of our top Y8 Science students were joined by the Y7 Science Club and were given an insight into ‘cutting edge’ research into silver’s antibacterial properties which originated in Roman times by using silver coins to make water safe for drinking. Some students dressed up as laboratory scientists and various samples were shown to the students such as silver lined pyjamas.

The ‘Blue Man’ was also introduced – he foolishly drank silver to protect himself from the ‘Millennium Bug’ and when he went out into the Sun it turned his skin permanently Blue a bit like when developing a photograph. The ‘Millennium Bug’ was a computer bug completely different from the superbug ‘MRSA’.

Dr Buckley’s work could lead to silver lined wound dressings being made for as little as 50p instead of the current price of £15!

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