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Wednesday 11th December 2013


Wickersley Drama Department’s annual pantomime returned last week with a brand new version of ROBIN HOOD. At long last, the truth behind the legend was revealed and it involved a naughty nut-stealing squirrel, the Great Nottingham Bake Off, sword fights galore and a special visit from Father Christmas himself!

Robin Hood and his Merry Men – and two Women – would like to extend their thanks to all the boys and girls who helped them defeat the wicked Prince John. The cast and crew worked like dogs this year, but the dogs (almost) never stopped wagging their tails.

But there’s no time to rest! Panto 2014 is on its way so we need to get to work! An enchanted snowstorm is coming. And in that snowstorm is a castle, lost in time. And in that castle is a fearsome Beast who has long forgotten the true meaning of Christmas – can the beautiful Belle and the people of Wickersley help him remember? Find out next year – tickets for BEAUTY AND THE BEAST will be on sale in January!

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