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Tuesday 19th August 2014


Senior members of staff from across the learning community were asked to name students in the current Y6 and Y7 who they thought would enjoy the experience and learn from the skills they would need to employ during the trip.

On day 1 the students successfully navigated their way up a 7 mile stretch of the River Idle in Canadian canoes. They controlled the craft well throughout, tackling the many weirs and narrow sections by pulling together and applying their newly acquired skills. They reached the chosen location in good time and set up camp.
The following day they made their way to a crag at Pleasley Vale. They spent the day successfully completing a number of climbing challenges. They learnt all the necessary skills in order to keep each other safe on the crag including ropework & belaying.
The group’s ability to support one another, work together as a team, and independently find answers to the problems they encountered was evident throughout. They conquered their fears and really made the most or an excellent outdoor expedition. Well done guys!

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