Wickersley Netball clean up at Finals day
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Tuesday 27th March 2012

Saturday 24th March was Rotherham Schools Netball finals day held at Wickersley. This year was our year and we had high hopes for the girls to do well. This we did and came out with more than we had expected, we had 5 out of our 6 teams represented at the event and anticipation was high.

The day looked to be a difficult day with the mist and fog meaning visibility was down to approximately 10 metres making it very difficult to even see the courts however, we refused our spirits to be dampened! It was an early start for the teams and we were first on court warming up showing the other schools our determination. Through the semi final stages all 5 Wickersley teams cruised through to the final meaning that whatever the outcome, we would be runners up in at least 5 of the competitions. After what was for some, very close final games Wickersley really did clean up at the tournament. Year 7 were simply outstanding putting into practice all of the tactics and training we have learnt throughout the year, the standard of their play was far superior than some schools  year 9 teams, a particular mention should go to the attack who worked the ball round the circle edge , they were sharper and faster than any other netball team I have ever seen as year 7s. Year 8 were thrilled to make it through to the final against Swinton however after a great first half holding it to only 1 goal in it Swinton managed to pull away to win the 16-9 leaving Wickersley with the respectful runners up certificate. Year 9 were on the hunt for their first finals day win and to take the title from Swinton who have won the last two years. We have been training for this match all season and we knew what we needed to do, after a shake up of positions and reinforcing the need for steady play in our attack and tight marking in our defence the final went goal for goal with tips and interceptions being made all over the place. Both teams felt the pressure during this game with quite a few unforced errors however Wickersley in true style kept our heads and pulled through with a 12-10 win to take the title for the first time. Year 10 put on a fantastic performance in the semi final to beat Oakwood which in the past has been a difficult task, the girls dug deep and proved how much they wanted to get to that final to play Wales. The girls played really well and at half time the score stood at 5-4 to Wickersley. Unfortunately Wales then came back fighting to win the game 16-8 which left Wickersley with the runners up certificate. 6th form were out to retain their title and were the only team to win last year in their final against Wath. As the game started it was evident that Wickersley were strong, fast and powerful in their pursuit of the title, they dominated from the first whistle, marked the ball and won loads of interceptions to turn the score over for us. Wickersley  cruised to an easy victory with a 19-8 win.

Overall a fantastic effort well done girls, we are all really proud of you! This is the best we have done at finals day for years!!!!!!

Overall results:

Year 7 – Winners

Year 8 – Runners up

Year 9 – Winners

Year 10 – Runners up

6th Form – Winners

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